Thank you, CITC Marathon Runners!

April 23, 2018

It’s a beautiful spring day – too bad we didn’t have this kind of weather last Monday for the Marathon.

Despite the miserable weather, our stalwart runners – Kimberly Sportack and David Valzania – raised, between the two of them, over $25K for Christmas in the City.

Here’s our valiant Kimbo shortly after her finish, trying ty hea preserve her body heat while taking time to show off her well-deserved medal while on her way to the after-Marathon party at Kennedy Brothers PT. Congratulations, Kim! And thank you so much for all the fundraising you did on behalf of CITC!

David also had a great run – and raised a ton of money for CITC in what was his FIRST (and, he claims, last) ever Marathon. David was at the post-party at KBPT sporting his hard-earned medal. Congratulations, David! And thank you so much for all the fundraising you did on behalf of CITC. (Note of warning: I’m guessing that if they haven’t started already, Jake and Sparky will be working to convince you that you’ve got at least one more Marathon in you… You heard it here!)

Last Monday, Mr. CITC himself ran (and finished, despite a recently-torn meniscus) his 35th consecutive Boston Marathon. This is a pic of Jake taken shortly after he arrived at KBPT after his run. He’s toasting David, Kim, and all the CITC supporters who contributed to our Marathon fundraising efforts.

We can hope for better weather next April, but we can’t hope for any better runners on our behalf than Kim and David.

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