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About the Organization

Dedicated to relieving the impacts of homelessness and poverty on Boston-area families

Christmas in the City (CITC) is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to helping relieve the impact of homelessness and poverty on Boston-area children and their families. We do this through a variety of events and programs:

  • Thanksgiving in the City: Thanksgiving baskets for families in need.
  • Christmas in the City Holiday Party: The heart of CITC is the organization’s holiday party, held each year on the third Sunday in December. Since 1989 – when 165 children, parents in tow, were hosted to a Christmas celebration – this signature event has grown to one attended by thousands of children living in the area’s homeless shelters.
  • Monday Mania: At Monday Mania, those who aren’t eligible to attend the party, but who have clear, demonstrated need, are able to “shop” for gifts (new toys and other items) for their children.

While the Christmas in the City party and our other holiday-related efforts, have grown tremendously since that first relatively small-scale event, what has also grown is CITC’s desire to take care of other unmet needs and challenges that those who are homeless, or who live on its economic margins, experience throughout the year. 

Recognizing these needs, committed to doing something about them year-round, and hoping to help put an end to homelessness, CITC has created several additional programs

  • Sponsor-a-Family: Sponsor-a-Family provides a broad range of services – whatever the family transitioning from homelessness or poverty needs.
  • CITC Job Fair: In 2016, CITC held its first job fair.
  • The Village Project:  The Village Project is an educational foundation that sends underprivileged children to quality schools.

In everything we do, we’re 100% volunteer

At CITC, there are no paid staff, no paid executive director, no paid fund-raising or development team. There’s no bureaucracy, and no administrative costs. And while local government entities often refer families to CITC, the organization receives no government funding.

The work of CITC is made possible by well over 1,000 compassionate and caring volunteers. These volunteers come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and include many who themselves have experienced homelessness or lived in poverty. Volunteers donate their time, services, money, and gifts to CITC during the holiday season, and throughout the year. The goal of CITC’s volunteers – and many have been part of CITC since it began in 1989 – is to help support the less-advantaged members of our community, while always treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve. Many local businesses are closely involved in CITC as well, making in-kind contributions, assisting at events, holding gift-drives and fund-raisers, and providing volunteers.

Want to help make one smile at a time for some great kids?