Monday Mania (a.k.a. Jake’s Toy Mania)

It’s tough for struggling families all year round, but it’s especially difficult around the holiday season, when everyone’s bustling around, when the stores are full to bursting, and when no one wants their kids to be left out. So the day after our holiday party, we host Monday Mania.

Who doesn’t like a good shopping spree?

Plenty of local families aren’t living in shelters. That’s the good news. The less good news: many of them still need a bit of help, especially around the holidays. Nobody wants to disappoint kids who’ve already had plenty of disappointment in their lives. So, beginning in early December, we register families with a demonstrated need and assign them a time to go shopping. At Monday Mania, we stock our shelves with new, toys, sports equipment, books, clothing and other goodies – all donated thanks to the generosity of our supporters – and have families fill their shopping bags (for free, of course). We even make sure there are gift cards for the older kids who’ve outgrown dolls and trucks.

Each year at Monday Mania, we distribute upwards of 25,000 items to deserving families. And we even make sure they get plenty of wrapping paper.

While Monday Mania is canceled for 2022, we have a new program, Jake’s Toy Mania, through which will be trying to help as many families in need as we can. Registration information can be found here: Christmas in the City – Jakes Monday Mania sign up info – DECEMBER 2021. Or you can email for updated information on what we’re doing this year. 



Everyone deserves to have fun at Christmas! And year after year, this huge team of CITC volunteers just makes that happen for a lot of great kids.

Margaret B - Volunteer, Monday Mania back office and front desk

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