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Supporting our supporters

Last Saturday, before the snow started for real, I hit a Bank of America ATM. Then I got in my Zipcar and zipped out to Boston Christmas Trees in Allston to pick out a tree.  Tree in hand – or rather on top of car – I zipped home and decorated it.  Lots of fun, but it sort of tuckered me out. So I headed over to Anna’s Taqueria for a traditional Christmas-tree-decorating burrito.

If this post sounds like a product pitch, well, it sort of is. That’s because all of these organizations – BofA, Zipcar, Boston Christmas Trees, and Anna’s Taqueria – are supporters of Christmas in the City. And I like to support all our supporters – the dozens of organizations that give of their time, treasure, and talent: goods, services, financial support, and those crucial volunteers that help CITC do the work it does. So support our supporters. The list on our site isn’t complete – we’re always in the processing of adding to it – but when you’re out and about, please consider supporting our supporters!