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We’re in good company

In late December, Amy Dickinson had a column in the Washington Post in which she offered her “annual roundup of charitable organizations readers should consider supporting.” To our delight, Christmas in the City was one of the handful of organizations Amy gave a shout out to. We were, of course, thrilled to be written about in one of the country’s most important newspapers, and to see that the important work that Christmas in the City does is recognized beyond the Greater Boston area.

But we were also quite proud to see ourselves in the company of some tremendous charities.

Among the other organizations on the list were Doctors Without Borders, a group of physicians who provide medical care in some of the most dangerous places on earth. (They’re even operating a hospital in Aleppo.)

With a mission to save the lives of (and find new homes) for those who are the victims of war or natural disaster, the International Rescue Committee is also working in Syria. The IRC was founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein. (How’s that for a pedigree?)

Like Doctors without Borders, and the IRC, Save the Children works with those in crisis, responding to disasters around the globe.

All of these charities have presence and are known worldwide. You may see ads for them. Or have a conversation with a young fundraiser in a bright vest who approached you on a city sidewalk to talk about their organization. Or get an appeal letter in the mail soliciting your support. When it comes to charities, these outfits are all pretty big deals!

Our charter is local. And, unlike organizations that are formal and have large staffs, we’re all volunteer – something that we’re tremedously proud of.

Anyway, to find ourselves mentioned in the same breath with such major, well-known, and well-regarded charities is a complete and utter honor.

Thanks, Amy!