Next CITC Meeting: Thursday, September 28th, 6 p.m. KBPT Franklin Street – ALL WELCOME

September 19, 2017

Jake, in his inimitable way, has outdone himself with the invitation to the next Christmas in the City organizational meeting.

Those warm summer days and balmy nights begin to bid us ADIEU……
And once again the chaotic CITC push begins to ENSUE

And once again, you will hear the annual boisterous CITC CLAIM
It will be bigger, it will be better…..each year I say the SAME

But in 29 years, it has gotten bigger, it has gotten better every single YEAR
And why is this you might ask yourself? Well, the answer is actually quite CLEAR

The first part is the need ever grows, and I know that this sounds SAD
But if more and more families leave happy, it actually makes me feel GLAD

Our original mission was taking care of every homeless family in BOSTON
And although that sounded unrealistic and, in fact quite EXHAUSTING

We’ve achieved that goal, so now we move out to the neighboring cities and TOWNS
And instead of saying it’s unfathomable, let’s keep on creating smiles out of forlorn FROWNS

So we get bigger, because there are more courageous families that need holiday CHEERS
But the 2nd part of the answer: our selfless, brilliant and compassionate VOLUNTEERS

We grow because the same smiling volunteers have come back for the last 28 YEARS
And each year they bring with them more friends, more enthusiasm, more compassion and more brilliant IDEAS

So we thank the volunteers with gratitude that could never be captured by mere WORDS
And…. since we’re all volunteers, we all deserve credit, not just 1 or 2 NERDS

This is the true definition of team, and every single volunteer plays a vital ROLE
Well, maybe I will give Santa a little more credit, because I really don’t want a lump of COAL

So…… here we go again!…… fired up, and ready to spread holiday magic to those who deserve it, and need it the MOST
And we have major changes coming that go far beyond having more and more families we’ll be honored to HOST

We are going to make it more fun, more special, more magical and more life CHANGING
So we need our volunteers for serving, building, communicating, educating and REARRANGING

So spread the word about our next organizational will be September 28th..Thursday NIGHT
Come and bring your friends, family, strangers and even your enemies would be ALRIGHT

In our present world, that appears to struggling families as intimidating, unfair, cruel and UNJUST
They will always know that it will be CHRISTMAS in the CITY, in which they can place their TRUST………….

So it’s not Robert Frost. Or Emily Dickinson. But you get the point. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS, and we’ll be talking about volunteer opportunities at the next meeting:

Kennedy Brothers PT
45 Franklin Street (near Downtown Crossing, in back of the old Filene’s)

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Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy
45 Franklin Street, Boston 02110
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