Now THAT was a party!

December 19, 2016

Where to begin?

The 2016 Christmas in the City Party was spectacular.

Saturday, we were hit with a storm. Despite the weather, hundreds of intrepid volunteers made there way to party central to decorate, set up, wrap toys… whatever was needed, our volunteers were there. Thank you, Saturday volunteers.

Many of those volunteers – and a thousand+ more – came back on Sunday to welcome our guests of honor, set things up, get the kids to and from the party, play with the kids, provide activities, do face painting, entertain, deliver gifts, clean up… Just imagine all the details that go into planning and running a party with 5,000+ guests (kids and their families), and you’ll have some idea what our volunteers take care of. Thank you, Sunday volunteers

The entertainment was just wonderful, and apologies that this post doesn’t have the full roster of performers who helped make the day so memorable. But we did manage to catch Austin Brown’s fabulous performance. (Austin comes by his talent naturally. His mom is Rebbie Jackson, and Michael Jackson’s his uncle!)

Among the other performers was the Rev. Ernest Franklin and the South Central Mass Choir, who gave a stellar performance that had at least one blogger singing along! In Caleb and Nathaniel, the Choir has a couple of stars in the making. The boys knocked “The Little Drummer Boy” out of the park. (Watch out, Austin Brown!)

Thank you to all of those who provided entertainment.

A number of our four-legged friends were also there, bringing comfort and joy. Thanks to all the pups, and the humans they brought with them.

Thanks, thanks, thanks to our costumed characters – lots of high fives with Batman and hugs with the princesses – , and thanks to the supporters who provided ALL the food and beverage (for the guests, and, on both Saturday and Sunday, for the volunteers), to the museums that provided activity opportunities, to those who gave dental screenings and flu shots, to the hairdressers and nail folks…

Just like at the Academy Awards, we’re no doubt neglecting some key people here. But you know who you are- and really and truly, we do, too – and you know you done good- and really and truly, we know you did, too.

Our goal is always to put a smile on a lot of little faces, one smile at a time. And we did it today, big time.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all, and – for now – to all a good night.

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