Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa in the City

December 25, 2016

Today actually is Christmas in the City. Last night, Hanukah began. Tomorrow is the start of Kwanzaa.

Pretty much all is calm, all is bright here in the city of Boston. But things aren’t always calm and bright for the kids that Christmas in the City helps each year. With the blow-out Christmas in the City Party, and with Monday Mania, we try to make things a bit brighter for our neighbors who are less fortunate. (As anyone who’s attended the CITC Party, we do absolutely NOTHING to make things calmer – except maybe for the parents who get to put their feet up and relax while their kids are off having a blast in the CITC Winter Wonderland.)

Thanks to all our supporters, volunteers, and donors, and to the shelter directors we work with. Christmas in the City would be possible without your generosity, caring, and hard work.

We like to say we’re looking to make one smile at a time, and we sure succeeded with 4 year-old Anthony’s, one of the thousands of guests we hosted this year. (Anthony’s smile made the Boston Globe‘s article on the event.) That bright smile is what it’s all about.

So Merry Christmas, if that’s your thing. Happy Hanukah, if that’s what you celebrate. And Joyous Kwanzaa, if you honor that tradition.

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