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Saturday Concierges

Saturday, 12/15


Age Limit

Saturday Concierges

Volunteers to help manage the logistical challenges involved with distributing several thousand volunteers to where they need to be in order to transform a barren, empty space into a magical party site. Activities start early with volunteers unloading trucks of toys, food and decorations and set-up continues throughout the day with multiple shifts of volunteers arriving at various times. It involves checking in and directing volunteers, vendors, and tradesmen to their assigned tasks, setting out signage for the party, and dealing with any number of incidentals that arise during the day.

Hours: This is a full day requirement and a key role in our success, 8:00am – 3:30pm. We may be able to accommodate half-days so let us know in the Notes.

Age Requirement: 16+

Note: It is a long day, you will cover a lot of ground. If you like this type of organizational work, you should also consider signing up to be one of the Santa’s Helper on Sunday. Both positions involve working in a high energy environment with a lot of nice people.

This spot has been filled, thank you. However you may join the wait list below - this is NOT a guarantee of availability!