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An important message from Jake on our commitment to our guests

It was brought to my attention that a family slated to attend our Christmas in the City celebration has expressed fear and hesitancy to attend due to their minority status. Let me state, unequivocally, that we welcome all, and never have – and never will – judge a human being by their ethnicity, color, religious belief, nationality, gender, age, sexual identity, or the way they choose to dress. And during this dark, divisive, and frightening time for our country, it becomes even more crucial to reach out to our neighbors – with love, compassion, dignity and respect.

The Christmas in Christmas in the City does not represent a specific religion or background. It represents a time when neighbors come together to make peace with their enemy, to help the downtrodden back up to their feet, to celebrate humanity, and to understand that everybody deserves a day when they’re able to feel special.

When you experience our celebration, you will immediately see that everyone in the room is treated with love and respect. Everyone is an honored guest of ours. Every child and every parent is safe. This will never change.

Even if our government embarrasses itself and tries to amend laws to harass and mistreat individuals based on their history or their characteristics, we will not stand for it. Nobody will ever justify that a country created by immigrants, and built by immigrants, would ever mistreat its newest group of immigrants.