Helping Our New Arrivals

A Crisis for Families in Our Backyard

In recent months, Massachusetts has become a new home for many individuals and families seeking refuge from the dire conditions of their home countries, driven by political unrest and unsafe circumstances. As a community, we are witnessing an unprecedented influx of migrants, and while our state strives to welcome each person with open arms, the sudden increase has strained local resources.

At Christmas in the City, we never stop our commitment to our mission of supporting families most in need. We are actively stepping in to provide immediate assistance to migrant families in Boston. Our teams have been on the ground at the airport, offering not just a warm welcome but also tangible support: distributing Dunkin cards, coordinating food orders, and partnering with local eateries to ensure that newcomers as well as those awaiting shelter placement receive a warm meal during these critical first hours and days after their arrival.

Many of these individuals and families find themselves spending nights at the airport, uncertain of their next steps. They need our help, and they need it now.

Here’s How You Can Help:

  • Donate to CITC: Your donations will go directly towards purchasing meal cards, food, and other essentials for migrants.
  • Spread the Word: Move beyond the headlines and spread the word on we are doing to support newcomers to our community.

Please consider supporting our efforts to provide a warm and dignified welcome to those who have arrived with so little. All you have to do is click below.

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