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For those who need help (but aren’t eligible for the party)

Christmas in the City provides holiday assistance to families in need, with children ages 17 and under. To receive help, you must sign up ahead of time! THIS SIGN UP IS FOR FAMILIES WHO ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE CITC PARTY. THE PARTY IS OPEN ONLY TO THOSE CURRENTLY LIVING IN A SHELTER. 

Register at:
Kennedy Brothers PT
45 Franklin Street (near Downtown Crossing)
Boston, MA 02110

In order to register, you must have ALL required documents with you:

  • Valid, state-issued ID for parent(s) or legal guardian
  • MASSHealth cards or any insurance cards affiliated with MASSHealth AND birth certificates for all children (17 years of age and under)
  • Your current lease (this is new this year)

Legal guardians: you will need all items stated above plus up-to-date court papers stating that you have legal custody. Foster parents: you will need all items stated above plus current papers from the state stating that you are the foster parent.

If you do not meet any of the criteria or do not have all of your documents, please come with what you have on DECEMBER 13th and 14th and we will attempt to serve you. THANK YOU!

Registration Days/Hours

Monday, December 4th – 9AM to 5PM
Tuesday, December 5th – 9AM to 7PM
Wednesday, December 6th – 9AM to 5PM
Thursday, December 7th – 9AM to 7PM
Friday, December 8th – 9AM to 5PM

Monday, December 11th – 9AM to 5PM
Tuesday, December 12th – 9AM to 7PM
Wednesday, December 13th – 9AM to 5PM
Thursday, December 14th – 9AM to 7PM (last day to register!!)


For updated info, call the hotline: 617-651-2482

Once you have successfully registered, we will give you a slip telling at what time and where to come on Monday, December 18th to pick up the gifts for your children. You must come at the scheduled time. This is the only way we can accommodate the thousands of families we work with.