Wanted: Toys. Lots of toys.

November 17, 2021

Santa Could Use Some Help Stocking the Shelves for Jake's Toy Mania

If you’re wondering what we’re up to this year, WE’RE NOT LETTING COVID GET US DOWN!

Since we can’t have the party, we’re working with a number of congregate shelters and will be bringing gifts and a meal (from a restaurant in the community) to families over the first two weekends in December. Thanks to our wonderful shelter captains and our wonderful supporters, all the wishlist names – personalized gifts for each of the kiddos – have already been snapped up.

But we still need toys.

Since we can’t have Monday Mania – the post-party event where we have families in need “shop” for toys – we’re holding Jake’s Toy Mania. Same idea: helping families who could use a bit of comfort and joy during the holidays. A bit lower key than Monday Mania, but not all that much. (We’re not calling it Jake’s Toy Mania for nothing, and Jake Kennedy wouldn’t have it any other way.) And we already have hundreds of families who’ve signed up for help.

What we need are toys, and lots of them. And we need them by December 15th.

Here’s what we’re looking for: CITC – Most Wanted Toys – 2021

We have a number of different wonderful organizations helping us out with toy drives or donating products – including over 100 light-up hula hoops. (More on these friends later, but we are so grateful to all of them.) And many of our supporters are already bringing toys by.

So we’re not desperately seeking toys. Not yet, anyway. We’re just doing what Jake would do: filling the KBPT clinic at 45 Franklin Street to the ceiling, and giving all the folks who’ve been asking for a meaningful and important role they can play to support Christmas in the City this year.


The drop off locations are here.

We hope you’ve got toys for us, but if you’ve got questions, email info@christmasinthecity.org.

We’ll keep you posted as we fill the room!


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