Christmas in the City is an all volunteer organization – there is no paid staff.

Thank you for your support of CITC! Your time and enthusiasm are what makes it such a success year after year!

  1. All volunteers must pre-register. Accommodating walk-ins is very time consuming and makes it more difficult to use our volunteers effectively.
  2. School, church, scout groups etc. must provide a chaperone for every 12 members. (1:12 is required, 1:10 is preferred)
  3. Registration is by email address so if you have a group coming separately make sure they know the email address
  4. All volunteers should bring their own snacks and beverages (there are plenty of water fountains) as CITC can’t guarantee that we will have enough food or beverage to feed all our volunteers.
  5. We have no secure place to put valuables so please leave them at home or in your car.
  6. The floor is concrete so wear sneakers or good supportive work boots.

Click on the shift name to learn more and sign up.




Can you work shorter hours?

Greatest Need

Age Limit

Volunteers Needed

The positions below have all been filled, thank you!

Toy Room Saturday
Toy Room Set Up
Saturday, 12/21 9:30AM-12PM No 16+ 0
Toy Room Saturday
Toy Room
Saturday, 12/21 11:30AM-2PM Yes 12-2PM None 0
Party Set Up Saturday
Team Jake
Saturday, 12/21 2-4:30PM No Most need 12+ 0
Party Set Up Saturday
Team Rudolph
Saturday, 12/21 9-11AM No 12+ 0
Party Set Up Saturday
Team Donner
Saturday, 12/21 11AM-1PM No 12+ 0
Party Set Up Saturday
Team Blitzen
Saturday, 12/21 1-3PM No 12+ 0
Sunday Party
Santa’s Helpers
Sunday, 12/22 9AM-4PM No 18+ 0
Sunday Party
Party Greeters
Sunday, 12/22 10AM-12:30 No 16+ 0
Sunday Party
Party Helpers
Sunday, 12/22 2:30-6:30PM No 16+ 0
Bus Coordinator
Bus Coordinator
Sunday, 12/22 10AM-4PM No 16+ 0
Coffee Guy
Coffee Guy
Sunday, 12/22 8-10AM No 18+ 0
Toy Distribution Monday
Jake’s Elves
Monday, 12/23 8AM-5PM Yes 10AM-330PM 16+ 0
Main Office
Admin Help
Dec. 2-6; 9-13; 16-20 8AM-9PM Yes Dec. 2-6 16+ 0
Just Listed!
Shelter Volunteer
Sunday, 12/22 9:30-5:00 No 16+ 0