Backpacks of care

The girls, Chelsea and Sophie, 8 and 6, wanted to help their dad, a CITC volunteer, do something to contribute to the annual Christmas party for 6,000 disadvantaged Boston area kids. Their idea was to give every child a new backpack stuffed with the customary Christmas In the City goodies so they would have something they could use long after the party, instead of the customary plastic goodie bags. Their dad helped them find a vendor who caters to non-profits who can provide the needed backpacks at a total cost of $12,000. Mission accomplished? Not at all. The trio, Chelsea, Sophie and Dad, encouraged by Mom, decided they couldn’t present a good idea and a bill for it at the same time. So they mounted a door to door residential, business and supermarket fund raising campaign. Their hard work paid off! On October 25th, they turned the proceeds over to Jake Kennedy at Christmas In the City. In all, they collected nearly $11,000. Their pride in what they accomplished was topped off by the applause and gratitude of those attending the CITC planning group meeting.